Tuesday, 13 November 2012

College magazine research.

The reason why I am doing a magazine survey is because I want to find out Ideas to include in my college magazine. I am designing a front page and a content page.  I would like to identify the target audience of the potential magazine. I used a series of question to identify specific criterias of my magazine creation. I asked a variety of question such as age, gender and how often my potential audience read my magazine so I can base my potential magazine around their expectation.

Response I recieved from my survey.

80% of the people who answered my survey were male.
83% were people between the age of 16 and 19.
75% of the people who took the survey say they read magazines.

of that 75%:
54% say they read a magazine less than ones a week
18% say they read magazines everyday
18% say they read magazines ones a week

contents of the magazine that interest my target audience (note this is a multi choice):

63% say sports magazine would interest them.
36% say games magazines would interest them.
36% say movie magazines would interest them.
45% say they would want "other" contents however none specified.
18% say gossip magazines would interest them.

Price for content:

45% of people said they pay more than £2 for a magazine
18% said they would pay between £1.51and £2
27% said they would pay between £1.01 and £1.50

page count:

45% say they would expect more than 20 pages in a magazine.
36% say they would expect between 16-20 pages in a magazine.
while 18% 5 to 10 pages..

contents inside:

27% of people said they would prefere a magazine with a high picture content.
18% of people said they would prefere a magaznie with a high written content.
54% of people said they would prefere a magazine with both of the above.

These results have helped to establish following for my magazine:
Entertainment magazines are the most popular.
the price can be above £2 but theres a big expectation on good quantity.
should aim for at least 20 pages.

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