Friday, 22 March 2013

Music magazine research.

To start of my music research I decided to research the covers of music magazines first. To begin with I simply searched "Music magazine covers" on google images. I emmidiately noticed a trend, most of the popular looking magazines seemed to have celebrites headlining them. Looking through some of the results from google images I started to notice that 'Vibe' and 'Blender' magazines seem to stand out most. Both magazines have celebrities headlining them. I looked through previous magazines issues and celebrities headlining these magazine seem a regular occurance for these two magazines. The celebrity overlapping the title shows that these two magazines are established.

  Leona Lewis starring in "blender" magazine.

 As you can see here previous X-factor winner Leona Lewis headlines 'Blender' magazine cover. She seems to be the vocal point of the magazine, which is illustrated with her head overlapping the title.

 Picture below global superstar T.I healines 'Vibe' as you can see he is the vocal point. He like Leona Lewis overlaps the title.

T.I headlining Vibe magazine.


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